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what is true of the conclusion to an essay 14 Oct
Domain-Specific Vocabulary 14 Oct

Domain-Specific Vocabulary

Well, we rarely discuss vocabulary on our blog posts, do we? Jokes aside, it’s important to have conversations on vocabulary instructions. If the students fail to get sufficient vocabulary study, then it will be hard for them to develop language arts skills like writing and reading. But having strong vocabulary knowledge helps them even outside Read more
how to teach close reading 14 Oct

How Close Reading Should Be Taught

Well, addressing the varying needs of students may make teaching a very daunting task. Students should decipher the deep meaning of the materials they read and provide thoughtful answers to them. One of the ways students interact with the text is via close reading which is a very strong tool for both fiction and nonfiction Read more
Text Complexity Analysis 14 Oct

Text Complexity Analysis

Sometimes back I posted about getting accessible online text, but after seeing a recent blog post at Eye on Education on “How to Select Complex Text to Increase Rigor? I thought about talking about the topic once again. My original post focused more on how to find reading passages for differentiation but this recent article’s Read more
i am an american speech 14 Oct
What is Academic Vocabulary? 14 Oct

What is Academic Vocabulary?

When you start studying in the university, you’ll often hear people discussing “academic vocabulary”. This term is vague and worrying too. So, what is academic vocabulary? And how can you learn it? What will happen to your marks if your vocabulary is less academic? Will it affect your grades in the university? What is a Read more